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Continuing my theme of Wordpress related posts, I decided to finally share a few amazing Wordpress infographics. These are not only designed awesome (being they are infographics they tend to look amazing) however are also amazing as a resource for anyone developing on Wordpress. 

The first infographic 'The Killer WORDPRESS CHECKLIST' was created by Capsicum Mediaworks, LLP. and is broken down into (7) sections you can follow from start to finish. Regardless of how many websites you have built on Wordpress, saving this to reference will be very handy to ensure you do not forget an important step.

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Did you know that a critical step for performance would be to reduce all your image sizes by almost 50% by compressing the PNG and JPG files using the TinyPNG plugin. I mentioned this amazing resource in my previous blog post in June: 
Web Designer And Developer Resources You Must Use .

Infographic #1: 

Killer WordPress Checklist [Infographic] by the team at Capsicum Mediaworks, LLP

wordpress checklist infographic

Next Up... 

The next infographic 'The Evolution of Wordpress' is an amazing infographic I sourced from OnblastBlog. This Wordpress related infographic outlines the timeline from 2004 when Wordpress "Rises From The Ashes" to current day and now powering aprox. 25% of all websites online. 

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Wordpress powers 1 in 4 websites on the internet! Each month there are over 21.5 billion page views on sites built using WordPress.

Infographic #2:

Wordpress Timeline Credit: On Blast Blog


The next infographic 'Wordpress Plugins 101' sourced from is an infographic that I made sure to include. At it's core, Wordpress is made to be light weight allowing for maximum flexibility and most importantly an open platform. Plugins are an essential part of most Wordpress websites in that they offer the ability to add, unlock or tailor certain functionality and/or features into the website.

Throughout my time designing and developing websites on Wordpress I have learned a great deal about the utilization of plugins. Overall, it should be best practice to find ways of developing functionality without the need for a plugin. The reason for this is that plugins require updating and monitoring like everything else based on changes the plugin developer pushes out or updated to Wordpress core in general. To back track a bit to my last comment, plugins should be leveraged and loved just used  and installed strategically.

The question I have been asked a great deal is what Wordpress plugins I recommend and enjoy using on my client's websites. To answer that question in addition to many great offerings highlighted below I wanted to compile my list of must have plugins as of today August 24th, 2016. The following list are so valuable and FREE that you should almost not consider them plugins but must have add-ons for the website. 

Clayton's Plugin Picks 2016


Wordfence: Security is a must, especially when using Wordpress. To lock things up tight why not utilize the most downloaded Wordpress security plugin! Wordfence is easy to configure and will send you push notifications as you assign with logins and other awesome information.

Updraft Plus: Backup, backup, backup and restoration!! Updraft Plus offers free backup solutions (as well as a paid version however not needed) that can be synced to DropBox, Google Drive, FTP and many more! This plugin will surely make you feel better knowing that you are backing up the website on a scheduled basis. 

Duplicate Post: Wordpress 4.6 'Pepper' just released and with it some neat new updates to Wordpress Core. With the update one change that I am still baffled with is that the ability to select any post type and duplicate it in the native build is still not there? Duplicate Post is simple and a MUST. Click to duplicate pages, posts, articles, etc. Just download this and get going!

There are many others I personally use and enjoy however these three can be utilized on any WP site and theme. Now to present the final infographic!

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Wordpress SEO by Yoast handles your SEO titles, meta descriptions, XML sitemaps, breadcrumbs etc.

Infographic #3:



The next infographic '28 Facts You Probably Don't Know About Wordpress' is an infographic crafted with care by and based on data from 37 trusted sources - blogs, news, and large/credible publications. 


Users write about 69.8 million new posts in Wordpress monthly.


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In Conclusion... 

I love infographics and hope you enjoyed checking these out. The efforts these organizations put in to share these is amazing and happy to share them. Do you have any other infographics that you like? If you have others Wordpress related or not I would love to hear about them. Leave me a comment and let us know!

Quick Question...

"Clayton, these infographics are awesome and thanks for the plugin picks, however why is your personal website built
on Squarespace and not Wordpress?"

Ahh....That is a great question. Wordpress has been my platform of choice this past year and will continue to be. With that being said, I still love and utilize Squarespace among others and always will. Offering various solutions based on client needs is great and Squarespace still keeps things easy and affordable for many. To learn more about the awesome developments coming from Squarespace, check out their blog:

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