The New Site is LIVE!

Thank you for visiting the re-launch of my new website. As a freelance contractor, sometimes life stacks up the agenda and it is easy to push other things aside. With the launch of my new website, I plan on pushing out my thoughts and works to the website much more than I have in the past. Online marketing continues to evolve faster than we could ever imagine. In this fast paced industry it is exciting to come across amazing resources that help us do the work that we do. To that end, for my first post I wanted to share a few amazing resources.

Google Fonts

Most people are well aware of Google Fonts. For most the only resource you will ever need for building your font collection. To download their vast collection of fonts to use in your projects, visit:

Elegant Themes

Wordpress utilization still remains a top website platform throughout the web. With newly developed solutions, plug-ins and offerings it is getting easier to create and maintain your websites. Elegant Themes is a leading theme provider for Wordpress offering one of the most popular themes and builder out there "DIVI". To see this amazing theme and builder in action, visit:


Following the Wordpress discussion, I stumbled on this start-up that seems to have some real traction. Tap, free "loveable" Wordpress hosting is a good solution and support option for people getting started with Wordpress. Swing into their website to learn more.

Icons. Icons.....Icons!

Utilizing icons for visual queues in highlighting content and other important information or coupled within a button is a great way to draw the users attention. Here are some great resources for snagging icons!
Font Awesome:
Flat Icon:

Have some other cool icon resources? Comment and share them with me.

Quirk Tools

Test your website preview across devices, build wireframes within the browser or lay out a sitemap. Quirk Tools has amazing free resources that will help you make things happen.
Quirk Tools:

Video Hero Background in Squarespace!

The crew at Muno provided this super handy script walkthrough due to the high demand for this functionality. So, to highlight this great post, I am adding it here. Be sure to drop them a line and thank them!


Thank you for stopping by, if you like these resources or have others that you would like to plug, please
comment and share. I will be posting submissions weekly.