Over the past six months I have invested a great deal of time working on my knowledge and skill set when it comes to Wordpress. Wordpress is an open source development platform that allows such great versatility while ensuring that whatever it is your clients need now or in the future you can make it happen.

While developing a number of Wordpress websites I have continued to come across a number of amazing resources that I am surprised I ever went without.

Divi (By Elegant Themes)


Divi is by far the most amazing Wordpress theme I have come across and have had the privilege to utilize for my clients. Divi offers a light-weight EASY TO USE user interface and builder that makes designing amazing looking website layouts and functional elements quick and easy. I have worked with other front-end Wordpress builders in the past however I find Divi's to be the best in the business. 

Additionally, Elegant Themes, the company behind Divi truly is unmatched as far as service and community. As website designers and developers it is common for us from time to time to Google how to get things done and/or assist others looking for help. Elegant Themes offers support in spades and to prove it they have released a campaign for Divi - The Divi 100 Day Marathon. For 100 days, the company released add-on packs, helpful tips and tricks and a ton of other amazing resources for their members.

If you plan on continuing to use Wordpress and you are not going with the Divi Theme - do yourself a favor and switch over. Every feature you would need made easier. To learn even more about the great community surrounding Divi - visit this amazing Facebook group.

Tiny PNG


HOW did I go this long without using this resource. Tiny PNG is a FREE tool that allows you to upload all of your photos, graphics, etc. you plan on using for your website and compresses them. Go ahead, I will wait.........Did you see the size savings?! Cutting back on the size of your images is crucial for keeping website speeds zooming and Tiny PNG does so without making the photos look horrible. Take all of your images and "Launder" them. Your site and client will thank you!



Responsive video banners are in. Although I do not utilize them often, this is a really cool resource. Coverr offers easy downloads of lopped responsive MP4 videos you can utilize in your sliders and banners. They update them often so you should be able to find something that works well for your project or client.

Be sure to check these out and drop me a comment if you have others that you
would like to recommend.